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likertplot.com is a free online tool that helps you create simple but beautiful Likert scale visualizations in SVG format. The graphs can be printed, converted, combined and reused as you like.

Likertplot.com shows the distribution of answers on the Likert scale as a beautiful vertically stacked bargraph, It is the public version of an internal tool developed by Max Maurer in the Media Informatics Group at the University of Munich. If you like this project and want to support it, please link to this website and point other researchers to it. If you use graphs generated by this tool in your scientific publications, you should cite it.

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If you use this tool anywhere to create your graphics I would be happy if you could cite or link this website or at least mention my name.

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[1] M.-E. Maurer, “likertplot.com - Plot Likert Scales,” likertplot.com - Plot Likert Scales, 2013. [Online]. Available: http://likertplot.com/. [Accessed: 05-Apr-2013].

For publications that use BiBTex you can use the following snippet.

   author = "Max-Emanuel Maurer",
   title = "likertplot.com - Plot Likert Scales",
   year = "2013",
   url = "http://www.likertplot.com/",

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My name is Max-Emanuel Maurer and I developed this tool during my PhD to create Likert graphics for papers and slides. After a while other colleagues started to use it, too, followed by our students. You are the next person who proves that doing this little extra programming work was worth it. Want to know more about me, visit my Website.


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