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Scale Type

Did you use a five or seven point likert scale?

The Counts

Please enter the number of selections per option.

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Enter your counts into the box below. Each row will generate a separate row. Separate values with commas. The first value has to be the line caption

Additional Data

Please specify additional data of the document like the title that the SVG should have or the text caption in front of the Likert line.


You can now choose between three different coloring methods.

This methods creates a scale haveing red colors for the first Likert values denoting negative choises, a neutral color in the center and green colors for the positive choices.
With this method you select a hue color value specifying a base color. For each of the Likert values different saturations are used such that the color is used throughout the document but a black- and white printout would still reveal the different Likert steps.
Here you can use a color picker to select each of the colors used for the steps by hand.
Color {{index+1}}
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